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Sporting Clays Book Dan Schindler S First Book On Sporting Clays Take Your Best Shot

 Sporting Clays Book Dan Schindler S First Book On Sporting Clays Take Your Best Shot


by Daniel L. Schindler

Foreword by

Peter Crabtree British Guild of Shooting Instructors, Chairman N.S.C.A. Level III

Wendy Crabtree – N.S.C.A Level III

Known nationally and internationally, Dan Schindler is a respected teacher. He’s also a first-rate writer. Take Your Best Shot represents some of Dan’s best literary work. Once again, he’s created a superb reference

book for those who wish to understand the basics of shotgunning, and be more consistent in the shooting box.

Take Your Best Shot, step-by-step, helps you get organized before you call for the target–then move the gun into the sight picture that gets the X. In clear, reassuring language, Dan walks you through equipment selection; eye dominance; a proper setup on the target; a strategy that works, and how to choose a dependable shooting method. He also covers safety; recoil; focus; gun mount; sight pictures and much, much more.

We believe readers can honestly relate to Dan’s writing because he spends a lot of time in the shooting box, teaching and competing. He speaks the language. Just as importantly, his writing has a unique ability to converse with you on your level. Dan’s recommendations not only deliver a broken target, but a much better comprehension of how to break each target thereafter.

You hold in your hand a genuinely useful tutorial that can improve your shooting performance–now–and many years from now. Take Your Best Shot is a rock solid, dependable manual on how to be successful behind the trigger–and your tool-box for when you’re not.

The lessons in Take Your Best Shot are invaluable. If your goal is to have more fun shooting, and a score higher, we highly recommend you start with this book.

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