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Which Online Degree Will Get Me The Criminal Justice Career I Want

 Which Online Degree Will Get Me The Criminal Justice Career I Want

Before you can answer this question you have to ask yourself what particular career in criminal justice you want? There are many and choosing one is not easy at all.

You could be inspired by Dirty Harry and want to become a tough cop. Then you will not only have to go through the Police Academy but you may also need a bachelor’s in say law enforcement or in forensic psychology.

On the other hand, if you are more inspired by Discovery Channel and AXN docu-fictions on crime investigation, you will dream of majoring in crime scene investigation or forensic science.

If 9/11 sparked a concern in your mind as to how important are those who help save innocent lives, you may be craving for a degree in homeland security or public safety management


The point is: before you decide on any online degree the first thing to do is to ask yourself exactly what is it that you want to do with your life – what profession do you want to take up – what job are you most suited to? And so on….

This is a deep question because it has many sides to it. First, you have to think of what you like doing. Then you have to think of what you are capable of doing. Then you have to think of what kind of earnings will leave you satisfied. Then you have to look at what is happening to others in the criminal justice profession -who are getting more, who are getting less – what particular profession you should target – and so on…

You should also ask yourself such questions as what will my daughter think of my profession? Will I be comfortable when I have a daughter who can understand and ask questions? Or, for that matter, a son? You are going to have a family – aren’t you? Then you should think of the family aspects too when you are thinking about a career – it should suit them too!

In fact, there are many questions and you must not be afraid to ask them of yourself. Once you have answered them all and have decided on a particular career of your choice, the rest is easy. Just go keep looking for the various degrees that the various schools are offering – find out the one that meets all your needs, and bingo – you have got what you want!

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